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   Corpo Nacional de Escutas

Corpo Nacional de Escutas (CNE) is the catholic Scout association of Portugal, established in May 1923, by archbishop Manuel Vieira de Matos and father Dr. Avelino Gonçalves in the city of Braga. It had a great acceptance and grew rapidly both in membership and national coverage.

With nearly 70.000 Scouts – boys and girls, men and women – in circa 1100 local groups, including one group in Macau – China and another one in Geneva – Switzerland, CNE is the largest youth association in the country. Its action is supported by 52 regional and sub-regional structures and one national based in Lisbon, the country’s city capital.

In February 1925, the first edition of “Flor de Lis”, the official national newspaper of the association, was issued to promote contact and sharing between all groups. In 1945 this newspaper became a magazine and today it’s still used and read by our Scouts, families and friends all around the country and in some other countries. 

Our association has both Land and Sea Scouts that differ in the color of the uniform and in some symbols that are more suited to each branch and in the symbolic framework, adapted to each situation.

CNE is undertaking the task of renewing its educational methods and practices to better prepare Scouts to today’s society, through RAP-Renewed Approach to Programme process. After an experimental period, nationwide, this renewal will become fully effective in 2010.

CNE is a founding member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, the International Catholic Conference of Scouting, as well as of the Portuguese Scout Federation.


   How we are organized?

CNE is organized in 20 Regions, each one having it's own Regional Office. This geograhpical distribution is made according to dioceses borders.


Some of the Regions have many groups and because of that each one of them is it self organized into areas (called "Núcleo").


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