(RoverWay 2003)



Mi                             Dó#m                          Mi

Once upon a time I heard someone smiling:

"Leave the World a bit better


than when you found it".


How strange it sounds to me,

Dó#m                                   Mi

When I feel myself smaller than ever.

I was blind I could not see,


The magic of people in motion.


 Refrão :

Lá                           Si7

   I know you can make the difference,

            Mi            Dó#m

Stand up! Commit yourself!

Lá                           Si7                  Mi(7)

With life of others in your hometown.

    Lá                    Si7

I know we can make the difference,

               Mi                                  Dó#m

Joining others with the same emotions.

Lá                                         Si7

Come on! Come on! Come on now!


We´re people in motion.


ManyWays for doing this,

Crossing ways of understanding;

Chain Reaction will never end, my friend!

This is something I want to say,

About the story of RoverWay

Make it happen in your life anyway!




Je sais que tu peux faire la différence,

Montre-toi! Engage-toi!

Avec la vie des autres dans ta communité.

Je sais que nous pouvons faire la différence,

Avec ce qui ont les mêmes émotions.

Aléz! Aléz! Aléz!

Nous sommes le peuple en marche.


Eu sei que tu farás a diferença,

Alerta e pronto a Servir!

Em casa na rua ou jardim, lá mesmo ao pé de ti.

Eu sei que tu farás a diferença

Com trabalho e dedicação

Aqui, ali, acolá, seremos people in motion.