(Hino do RoverWay 2003)



Ré                  Lá                     Sim

When you start to ask yourself

Fá#m                                       Sol

All the things that life could be,

Ré                                       Lá

You won’t really find an answer


‘Till you get up on your feet.

        Lá                                   Sim

Just take the chance and try

Fá#m                             Sol

Start the journey of a life

Ré                                           Lá

Look around you – there’s others


Feeling quite the same as you.

                                   Lá  Sol                Lá

All together we will be…people in motion.


Refrão :

 Ré              Lá             Sol       Sim

[Don’t you stand out there alone

Dó                                                                      Lá

Here’s the challenge you’ve been looking for;

Sol             Lá               Ré      Sim

Get committed and take a step

Dó                             Lá

You can make the difference !] (Bis)


Once you start to share you’ll see

All the difference you can make

There’s a reason to be here :

Life will change because of you.

The future depends on you

Take the message home and act

You’ve made the dream come true

Show how others can do that

All around the world you’ll find…people in motion.


Não fiques p’r’aí sozinho
É o desafio que tu procuravas !

Agarra esta oportunidade,

Tu podes fazer a diferença.